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Fresh Produce
Month of December 2023


From Ali's desk (Month of December):

While fresh produce season is ending, we are busy working to prepare our greenhouse for new produce.

We will go under new design of our greenhouse and will reseed the GMO-Free fresh produce to provide early crop in 2024.

We are also excited to let everyone know that we have increased the number of Layers (chickens) to continue in addressing the market demand for free range and GMO-Free eggs. 


Note: If you are looking for fresh free Range and GMO-Free eggs, we asked you to pllease order in advanced so we can accommodate your request. 

Note: If you cant make it to the Farm, visit the following for our produce.

  • Bassett's Restaurant-Poolesville MD

  • Yekta Supermarket- Rockville MD

  • Zam Zam- Gaithersburg, MD

Operation Hours:

Monday to Friday - Online Orders and pickup with advanced schedule.

Saturdays- 10 AM to 2 PM (weather permiting)

Fresh produce for December

  • Cucumbers ( Coming soon)

  • EGGS- GMO-Free (Unwashed eggs must be order a day ahead)

  • Honey (Local)

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