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Beef Share - We offer Beef-Shares so families may purchase as much as a Cow or as little as a ¼ of Cows. We coordinate the processing and have the butches in freezer bags of the customer’s choice. We encourage everyone to place their order now for Septembe


Goats - Goats are versatile animals, providing milk, meat, and fiber to farmers, making them valued members of the farm community. Whether they're gracefully climbing rocky terrains or cheerfully nibbling on leaves, goats add a touch of charm to any farm scene.

Sheep - Sheep are gentle and docile creatures, adding a touch of tranquility to the rural landscape

First cut Round Bale - Provides livestock with essential nutrients and roughage throughout the year

bn v.jpg

First Cut Square bale. A square bale is a compacted bundle of agricultural material, typically hay, straw, or grass, that is shaped into a rectangular or square form

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