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Aliabaad Farm

We strive to ease the purchasing process for everyone in our community, including Montgomery, Frederick, and Washington Counties. We aim to keep up with demand by expanding our planting and harvesting into multiple cycles.

Through our innovative approach to gradual and sustainable growth, we provide items from our farm to your kitchen table. Produce is picked same-day to ensure the highest quality possible. Our current offerings include – livestock, natural-grown produce, and registered free-range eggs.

Our produce can be purchased at the farm stand or local markets


Our Story

A Family Farm

The Aliabaad Farm was established on May 7, 2007. The term ‘Aliabaad’ is derived from ‘Ali’ – Ali’s first name – and ‘abaad’, the Persian word for ‘develop.’ Aliabaad Farm was originally located in Sharpsburg, Maryland. To learn more about the farming craft, Ali took several agriculture classes at the University of Maryland Extension in Sharpsburg, Maryland – the Washington County Agricultural Education Center. Ali learned about farming practices, soil conservation and testing, and raising farm animals.

He also worked at a few farms in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, to gain hands-on experience. In 2008, Ali had a modest garden that measured 50 feet by 50 feet. He shared herbs and vegetables with family and friends while learning how to grow a variety of produce. Six years after purchasing a former horse farm, Ali had a growing community-supported agriculture program (CSA), a produce stand, and grocery stores and utilized his acreage. In 2013, Aliabaad Farm was named Washington County Farm of the Year and featured in multiple newspapers and magazines.

Ali took a break from farming from February 2017 until December 2021, when he became the happy owner of East Oaks Farm, a Historic property in Poolesville, the heart of agriculture reserved in Montgomery County.

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